Outdoor and Indoor Sport

Ii has good opportunities for outdoor sports, like skiing, swimming, running and biking. There are several launching spots to get your canoe or boat in the water.

Iisi-Areena indoor sport venue

Address: Kisatie 2B, Ii

Indoor sport venue, with e.g. badminton, basketball, running track.

Illinsaari Outdoor Area

Located in centre, excellent place for skiing (1 - 5,5km), running and playing frisbee golf (18-hole track) and enjoying snack at campfire. Illinsaari has also swimming beach, an outdoor dog park and a new children’s playground. Fishing on the area requires a permit. 18-hole frisbee golf forest track goes around the area, free admission.

Address: Illinsaarentie 68, Ii.

Canoeing and Kayaking routes

For beginners best way is to enjoy slowy flowing Hiastinhaara river delta.

See all routes from the map below (instruction given in Finnish).

Pankinnokka beach

Gorgeous and recently renewed swimming beach by the sea and river in Kuivaniemi (about 35 km from Ii centre). Two spots for swimming, a shallow one by the sea and a deeper one on the river side. The area has a toilet, changing rooms, hut with a fireplace, beach volleyball field and a picnic spot. Area is maintained by the local community.

Address: Pankinnokantie 45, Kuivaniemi. Area is maintained by local village association.

Kids playgrounds and nature trails in Ii