Culture Heritage Route and Enviromental Art Park

Learn Ii’s way of life

Ruustinna Culture Heritage Route

Ruustinna is about 2 km long and suitable by walking or cycling. Route starts from the centre of Ii (Old Ii Hamina) and goes along the riverside passing the Environmental Art Park and and finally taking you to the KulttuuriKauppila Art Center, or the other way round.

Along the way, there are information boards about the Ii’s history, nature and life.

Address: Starting point Puistotie 4, Ii or Kulttuurikauppila Art Center Kauppilantie 15, Ii.

Enviromental Art Park

Sustainable contemporary art by the river and in the heart of Ii.

The Environmental Art Park of Ii was first opened in June 2012 and now has become a popular site among locals and visitors. Every second year KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre organizes Art Ii Biennale (AIB) that produces international modern art. Artist are selected by open call for applications.

Environmental Art Park has about 25 site-specific artworks. Every piece reflects ecological, economical, social and cultural sustainability. Artworks are made from natural and recycle materials. Some artworks last only one season until it merges with the nature. Some artworks can last and change their appearance year by year.

Arrival instructions: The park is in the centre of Ii, near the highway E75. Park has a picnic and a stone-skipping place. Park is free to visit. No winter maintenance.

Address: Main entrance Pappilantie 16, Ii.

For more information:

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