Purusaari island and Jakkukylä suspension bridge

Enjoy the scenery on the shores of River Iijoki

The outdoor recreation area on the Purusaari island, located in Jakkukylä village in the Finnish municipality of Ii, offers amazing views of River Iijoki and the Jakkukylä village. The island becomes even more attractive in the summer, when visitors can independently cross the river using a rope-operated ferry (distance 20 metres). In the winter, the island can be reached by a ski trail or over the ice. The Purusaari recreational area is maintained by the Jakkukylä village association. 

Services: On the Purusaari island, there is a 2-km-long scenic route, and at the west end of the island, there is a lean-to perfect for enjoying the view and live fire. The area was equipped with a woodshed and an outdoor toilet in the summer of 2022. There is also a beach suitable for taking a swim. Information boards describing the local history and environment are planned for the route.

A suspension bridge with the largest span in northern Europe, crossing the almost 200-metre-wide River Iijoki, was completed in December 2021. The bridge can be crossed on foot. If you are travelling the route on a bicycle, you have to dismount it for crossing the bridge. The Jakku school is located on the north side of the bridge. Particularly if you are taking the route with a dog, please note that the walking surface of the bridge is made of metal mesh.

The Jakkukylä area also offers various opportunities for hiking, cross-country skiing and cycling.